Media 2016

Posted August 24, 2016 by Lorraine Blancher . Filed under Media, Cool Happenings
Media 2016
It's always an honor to be apart of images that inspire people to get outside.  

I'm constantly inspired by various unique moments I see, and I'm always grateful to be apart of some of those published experiences too.  

This season - along with creating the Exploring the Queendom Series and generating images and media content with a 2nd place at the Crankworx Whip-Off - I was fortunate to have been in a few media pieces. 

Dirt Rag Magazine

Honored to have made the cover of the 'Adventure Issue' for Dirt Rag Magazine with an image captured by Ryan Creary Photography.   

 Get Out and Ride! Great words to live by. Thx Dirt Rag Get Out and Ride! Great words to live by. Thx Creary and Dirt Rag!


Stoked to have made the cover of a Danish Mountain Bike Magazine shot by Bruno Long.

Inspiring riders in Denmark.  Thanks guys!Inspiring riders in Denmark. Thanks guys!


Race Face had Margus Riga capture the still images for their 2017 Soft Goods Shoot.  This is a screen grab of some of the video taken and I'm stoked to see the stills.

I love jumping.  I love jumping.

Bike Magazine

Stoked to have a mini shot in the Bike Magazine Photo Annual and fortunate to have been in over a handful of Bike Magazine, Pictures of the Day too - (links coming soon).

Pink Bike

Picture of the Month - 4th 

The below Picture of the Day generated the fourth highest views for the month of September.

Honored to be in a shot by Robin Munshaw / Wildland Media.

You can read their Article here.

Exploring an area dubbed Princess Hollow Exploring an area in The Queendom dubbed Princess Hollow

Kootenay Mountain Culture

Grateful to be apart of some imagery in this Magazine.  A local cult favorite. The shots will be inserted here soon ...

Canadian Rockies Annual 
Volume 01

Stoked to be in the inaugural issue of the beautiful Canadian Rockies Annual with in a stunning alpine image by photographer Steve Shannon and our trip to Jumbo Pass Hut last fall.   (Check it out at your local books store until I insert the image.)