Upcoming Camps and Trips

  • Retallack Lodge Ladies Edition IV

    September 5, 2014-This will be the 4th year Reallack Lodge has let Lindsey Voreis and I take over the lodge to create one of the more unique and innovative ladies weekends ... Read More

  • Revelstoke Media Trip

    August 2, 2014-Coordinated trip logistics, worked with various Tourism Infrastructures had a key role in creating, guiding and riding in an all encompassing trip itinerary to Revelstoke BC for a future multi page Fe Read More

  • Yukon Ladies DHCamp - Custom Private

    July 26, 2014-The Yukon Dirt Girls brought lbBikes to their home trails for an amazing weekend. More to come !!! Read More

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  • Bike Magazine.com Feature - Stoked
    June 9, 2014-Honored at the Bikemag.com Feature and words of Joe Parkin... read more
  • Representing Mountain Bike Stuff
    December 17, 2013-Girl's generally aren't used to represent mountain bike 'stuff'. With women's specific products, female images predominately used to represent 'girl stuff' - girl helmets, girl packs, girl bikes, etc.. read more
  • Video - Mini Whistler Edit
    July 3, 2013-A warm up lap on Dirt Merchant to a run on Aline and my favorite Crabapples... that you Chris Ricci for capturing some of my first laps in Whistler this June. Definitely a fun way to start the Bike P.. read more

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