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  • Video - El Salvador DH Trip - Girl Edition
    January 21, 2014-My first trip as lbbikes.com was this Girls Trip to El Salvador ... It was special for many reasons ... the crew, the culture, the riding and where we lived. This was the riding on our trip. .. read more
  • Representing Mountain Bike Stuff
    December 17, 2013-Girl's generally aren't used to represent mountain bike 'stuff'. With women's specific products, female images predominately used to represent 'girl stuff' - girl helmets, girl packs, girl bikes, etc.. read more
  • Video - Mini Whistler Edit
    July 3, 2013-A warm up lap on Dirt Merchant to a run on Aline and my favorite Crabapples... that you Chris Ricci for capturing some of my first laps in Whistler this June. Definitely a fun way to start the Bike P.. read more

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